To Put An End To
Homelessness In The UK

To Put An End To
Homelessness In The UK

To experience homelessness is a truly horrific thing,
but we can do something about it.
Over 35% of rough-sleepers have been deliberately assaulted. Almost 1 in 10 have been spat or urinated on. The average life expectancy for a rough-sleeper in the UK is just 47 years old.

A significant lack of affordable housing coupled with government cuts has meant that the homeless ratio in the UK is now one of the worst in Europe. Whilst Finland has practically no homelessness at all, and countries like Portugal (with just 3,000 homeless people on any given night) can boast a ratio of 0.03%, our homeless population of 320,000+ lands us with a dismal ratio of almost 0.5%. That’s roughly 1 in every 200 people.

And these figures do not account for ‘hidden homelessness’. Many homeless people are not accounted for in official figures. Such as people who are temporarily homeless, ‘sofa-surfing’, staying with friends or family, or squatting in abandoned buildings. Such people often have to sleep-rough at times.

Research by the charity Crisis indicates that about 62% of single homeless people are hidden and may not show up in official figures.

Unfortunately, homeless charities and local councils are not being funded adequately, despite the worsening crisis.
This is where we step in.

All money raised through is used to end homelessness in the UK. Most of this income goes towards providing long-term accommodation and employment opportunities. We believe this is the most effective way to sustainably end homelessness in the UK. We also fund Housing First and general support services, please see ‘Our Approach‘ for more info.

We hope that by offering a quality service to customers (a comprehensive travel booking service with the world’s best providers), we will be able to make up for the significant lack of funding currently available to combat this crisis.

Please get in touch for more information on our latest projects and what we’re doing to change the lives of homeless people.

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