Frequently Asked Questions


Why was Hotels That Help established?

At the core of who we are is the belief that “you don’t need a reason to help people”

That said, there is a considerable lack of funding available for homelessness charities and initiatives. Homelessness is still on the rise and not enough is being done to help the 320,000+ people currently homeless in the UK. Many homeless charities struggle to raise funds themselves. Most do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donations. This is not an easy or sustainable way to operate – charities need funding. If government funding isn’t enough, or isn’t there at all, then it is up to businesses and non-profit organisations to make up for this lack of funding. That’s the main reason Hotels That Help was established.


How does it work?

At absolutely no added cost to you, we earn money by sending you to etc. (when you make a booking). When you book through you will be redirected to a world-leading accommodation/travel provider, such as By coming through first and making a booking, share their profit with us – and we use it to put an end to homelessness. This is all at no added cost to you whatsoever. Coming through does not increase the price at all, there are no added fees of any kind. You receive the same selection, booking process and customer support. The only difference? Just by adding one extra click to your booking process, your booking will help real people off the streets.

So, to summarise: Just by coming through first, we earn money (from etc) when you make a booking. This is at no added cost to you and we use all of this money directly to help eradicate homelessness.


What is Hotels That Help?

Hotels That Help is a Community Interest Company (Social Enterprise) ‘limited by guarantee’.

“A community interest company (CIC) limited by guarantee is a ‘not for profit’ company, this means that it does not operate for private profit or gain. Any profit generated is used directly to benefit a community (the homeless), or to grow and develop the business (the travel booking website) which is benefiting a community (the homeless).”

What happens to the money Hotels That Help receive?

In line with the above, all of the money we raise is used to help put an end to homelessness. Most of this is given to Emmaus UK and used to provide long-term accommodation with community support and employment opportunities. The rest is used to fund other homeless charities, that are typically smaller and not funded by the government.  For more information on this, please see: Our Approach

What does “all money raised” mean?

As with any organisation, charity or company we do have costs/taxes that must be paid. Fortunately, we are able to keep our costs very low. We are very lucky to have such committed volunteers and supporters who are passionate about the end goal of eradicating homelessness. We have no paid staff and we are very efficient, which means we are able to change more lives with less resources.

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