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Because we want to change as many lives as possible

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We want to change as many lives as possible. This means we need to provide the best service possible. We do this by relying on established giants in the accommodation and travel world. By offering accommodation and travel services through these industry-leading companies, customers get all of the same benefits:

– Same great prices and deals

– Same massive selection

– 24/7 customer support

The only difference? Profit from your booking is used to put an end to homelessness in the UK – at no added cost to you. Your booking has a bigger, more meaningful and positive impact on the lives of real people.

We think we have all the good qualities of the established big booking websites, but with added benefits – both for the customer and for society. The issue of homelessness is incredibly important to us; we want to do all we can to eradicate it completely. And with your help we can end homelessness – one trip at at time.

Your booking helps people off the streets – at no added cost to you, guaranteed. See Our Approach for more information.

Or click here for more information on how it all works

Note: This means that after placing a booking, you will be dealing with Booking.com/SkyScanner/LonelyPlanet etc. We do not receive specific details of your booking, and as such we are unable to thank you personally for your booking. However, if you share details of your booking with us, we will be able to thank you properly and let you know how your booking has helped the homeless.

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