Ending homelessness,
one trip at a time

Ending homelessness,
one trip at a time

Our StoryHotels via Booking.com*
*6% of the booking price goes to families experiencing homelessness (at the expense of Booking.com – not you)

What To Do

1. Visit Booking Page

To give you the best service, we’ll redirect you to a well-known and trusted booking provider (like Booking.com)

2. Make A Booking

You place a booking via our Booking.com page – just like you would if you’d gone direct to Booking.com

3. Feel Good 

A portion of the booking price is donated to UK homelessness charities (at the expense of the booking company – not you)

Prefer to write to us?

Hotels That Help C.I.C., George Street Trading House (Apt. 24), George Street, NG1 3BU, England

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